MIPS3D Technical Specifications

MIPS3D is a fully interactive 3D pipe viewer for interpretation and spectacular client reports.

Data Import

  • MIPS internal format
  • Pre-configured MIPS context files

Data Export

  • JPEG, BMP images
  • AVI movie files of animation and depth-scrolling

Viewing facilities

  • Display of inside pipe surface in 3D: from outside or 'fly-down' mode
  • Intelligent reduction of data for display
  • Incremental and continuous rotation on
    X,Y or Z axes
  • Coloured, tiled or interpolated surface,
    mesh overlay
  • Default pipe or 'fly-down' views
  • Cutaway view and idealized pipe overlays
  • Arm value, number or angle labelling
  • Colormap for radii identification
  • Variable 3D perspective
  • Depth scroll or continuous depth panning
  • Synchronisation with MIPS and MIPSView
  • Fast OpenGL rendering
MIPS3D layout