MIPSPro Technical Specifications

MIPSPro is a sophisticated interactive processing package for multi-arm mechanical calipers and auxiliary wireline logs. Data analysis starts here.

Pipe Analysis

  • Automatic pipe end detection & interactive edit
  • Pipe-by-pipe penetration analysi
  • Output analysis tables in MS Excel *.csv format

Data Import

  • Sondex SRO and MDT field data
  • Warrior database curves
  • LAS 2.0 ASCII files
  • MS Excel *.csv files
  • Customized formats (e.g. DLIS)

Data Export

  • LAS 2.0 ASCII files
  • MIPS Binary format
  • Customized formats (e.g. DLIS)

Graphical Export


Data Processing

  • Raw log editing
  • Multi-arm filtering
  • Re-sample in depth
  • Shift, stretch & squeeze depth correction
  • Merge of runs and additional logs
  • Least squares centralization
  • Data derived calibration
  • Multi-arm statistics
  • Azimuth driven orientation to upside
  • Thickenss and time-lapse utilities

Viewing facilities

  • Intelligent reduction of data for display
  • Display of logs with various line types,
    weighting and shading
  • Linked multi-window displays
  • Dynamic cross section displays
  • Display of additional imported logs (e.g. GR, CCL, Temp)
  • Save of layout configurations
  • Processing history display
  • Explorer style file selection
  • Synchronisation with MIPS3D
  • Corendering of thickness/time-lapse logs