Thigma's largest project is MIPS: Multi-finger Imager Processing Software. MIPS provides a graphical display and sophisticated processing tools for downhole multifinger caliper data from oil wells. All programs run on Windows computers with standard graphics cards.


Processing View

MIPSPro is a sophisticated interactive multi-finger caliper processing package. Reads Sondex MIT field data, LAS 2.0, ASCII and customized formats. Full data processing, joint detection and analysis. Data export includes LAS 2.0 and static image capture. Displays include 2D view of caliper data, shaded auxiliary logs, cross-section, explorer-type input files, and processing history. Configurations can be saved for use in MIPSView and MIPS3D.

MIPSView is an end user interpretation viewer for redistribution to clients. Enables delivery of reports in digital and web formats. Reads processed data using displays configured in MIPSPro processing package. Users can change displays but not alter data. License free!


3D View of pipe

MIPS3D is a fully interactive 3D multi-arm caliper visualization tool. Supports incremental and continuous rotation about all axes, depth panning, colour coded surfaces, static image capture and API movie generation. 3D display can be linked to MIPSPro/MIPSView so both views operate in tandem. The 3D viewer can also be redistributed to clients. Graphics utilise OPENGL.